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Policies and Parent Information

Attending Berry Community Pre-School

Our policies are continually under review as part of a regular schedule, in response to feedback from families, staff and the community and to ensure that they are in line with current laws, regulations and standards. There are copies of our policies which are located in the Pre-School office. Policies are listed under the appropriate Area of the National Quality Standards:

Quality Area: Educational Program and Practice

Educational Program and Practice
Social Justice

Quality Area: Children's Health and Safety

Child Protection
Emergency and Evacuation Procedures
First Aid
Incident, Illness, Injury and Trauma
Infectious Diseases and Exclusions
Medical Conditions
Nappy Change
Physical Activity and Small Screen Recreation
Providing a Child Safe Environment
Risk Management
Safe Sleep and Rest Time
Sun Protection
Water Safety
Work Health and Safety

Quality Area: Physical Environment

Animals in the Environment
Environment and Sustainability

Quality Area: Staffing Arrangements

Code of Conduct
Determining the Responsible Person
Grievance Procedures / Conflict Resolution
Harassment Free Workplace
Induction and Orientation
Leave Provision – Leave without Pay and Time-in-Lieu
Managing for Good Performance; Appraisals; Job Performance; and Disciplinary Procedures
Professional Development
Recruitment Policy
Return to Work
Visitors, Volunteers and Students

Quality Area: Relationships with Children

Behavior Management & Discipline
Inclusion of Children with a Disability/Additional Needs
Interactions with Children

Quality Area: Collaborative Partnerships with Families and Communities

Enrolment and Orientation
Family Participation and Communication
Priority of Access

Quality Area: Leadership and Service Management

Acceptance and Refusal of Authorisations
Arrival and Departure of Children
Complaints and Feedback
Extended Hours Service
Financial Management
Governance and Management of the Service
Privacy Online
Social Media – Facebook


Parent Handbook

Download our comprehensive handbook

Berry Community Pre-School has developed a Handbook to guide new and existing parents. All parents should ensure they are familiar with the contents of this handbook.

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